Sydney Skinny Event


Date: 17 March 2024

Cobbler's Beach, Sydney

Join us again in 2024, for the Swim of a Lifetime!  The Sydney Skinny is Sydney's premier Ocean Swimming event. Created to inspire joy and bring you a safe, lighthearted event where our community embraces diversity and loves every-body!

$59,574 raised

$50,000 Goal

$59,574 raised

$50,000 Goal




The swim of a lifetime!

The Sydney Skinny is the most liberating fun you’ll ever have. Join thousands of swimmers, from all over the world, who will leap out of their comfort zones for this untimed, joyous, skinny dip in the stunning Sydney Harbour.

There are two courses, a 300m for beginners and a 900m for the more seasoned ocean swimmers.

We do it for:


This is a fully ticketed, exclusive event and only swimmers are allowed on the beach.

After your swim to protect your modesty and dry off you will receive the iconic sarong. It’s a cherished collectable that warmly welcomes you into the Sydney Skinny community.

After the swim (and fully clothed), we celebrate everything that is good in the world with a joyous festival.

Best of all, we all participate in doing good! We are fundraising for the Charlie Teo Foundation helping them in their fight against Brain Cancer.

Join us! One thing we are certain about is that nobody ever regretted it!

How to get started

Grab your friends, or come alone.  All you have to do is register today to join us! No, the event is not for nudists, it's for everybody, in fact most participants do this once a year to experience the joy of throwing off the shackles of life and just being at one with nature!

  • WHEN?   Sunday, 17 March 2024
  • HOW?     Register and pay $75 entry fee
  • WHAT?   Swim 300m or 900m
  • GET!       The iconic, collectable Sydney Skinny sarong
  • YAY!       Celebrate life, fully clothed in the Festival Village

Event Timings

Media  7:30 Start
Wave 1 8:30 Start
Wave 2 9:15 Start
Charlie Teo Wave 10:00 Start
Wave 4  10:45
Get Naked Australia Wave 11:30
Wave 6 12:15
Wave 7 Mostly Women 13:00
Party Wave Final Wave of the day

More Waves may be added closer to the event date.

Please arrive 45 mins prior to your swim start time.  We try to run on time, however we're a little flexible as the swim is untimed and we want everyone, including inexperienced swimmers to experience the beauty and serentiy of Cobblers Beach.

The Party Wave is open to all registered participants, to have one final beautiful dip before the event closes.

Share the joy with your friends!


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Set in the stunning Sydney Harbour at the picturesque Cobbler's Beach on Middle Head.

Cobbler's Beach is a designated nude beach located in a National Park.

It's located in a cove that makes it perfect for new or inexperienced swimmers.


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The Skinny is not a nudist event.  It's an event that welcomes anyone who wants to challenge themselves, throw off the shackles of life and experience pure joy.

And of course, we do it - to do good.  This year our beneficiary charity is the Charlie Teo Foundation.


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The Sydney Skinny is a joyous 300m or 900m open water swim in the stunning Sydney Harbour. It's unique - we do it in the nude.  Why? Because it's fun!! Join us for the world's happiest swim.

Why get involved?

The Sydney Skinny exists to inspire courage and bring joy. If that's not a good enough reason ... we do it for charity.  This year we are bearing all to beat brain cancer!

Make an Impact

Fundraise and together we can offer HOPE to cure brain cancer.

Share the joy!

Invite your friends to register.  It's not fair for you to have all the fun!

Join our community

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