‘The Swim of a Lifetime’


Go on! Do something slightly challenging that is both utterly positive and uplifting.

About The Sydney Skinny

The Sydney Skinny is the world’s first open water nude swim. This unique, much-loved event takes place each year in beautiful Sydney Harbour. 

The swim is an untimed, 300m or 900m ocean swim at Cobblers Beach, Middle Head.

The Skinny has nothing to do with being seen naked or seeing other people naked during the event we protect people’s modesty with our iconic, collectable Sydney Skinny sarongs. The event is fully clothed - it is only the swim, held on the secluded, non-spectator beach that is nude.

This is simply a joyous community event - one that has an incredibly special, friendly, inclusive, supportive and relaxed vibe.

Beyond having the time of your life at the swim, we want the event to have a lasting effect beyond the day itself - we want to spread joy, kindness, acceptance, courage and community spirit into the world - it leaves us feeling a bit more grateful and counting our blessings.

And we do it for good, this year our community is fundraising for the Charlie Teo Foundation! 



Why nude? We say why not!  Every year over 1300 normal, gorgeous, fun people take the plunge for charity. 



Why The Skinny?  It's short for Skinny Dip. We celebrate our bodies, our acceptance, our zest for life.



Together we can make an impact and change lives. Together we can for a day celebrate life & do good.


Charlie Teo Foundation is our charity beneficiary. Together we can fundraise and bare all to beat brain cancer!

I felt more comfortable nude than I have at events in beautiful outfits.

Casey Burgess


Is the Sydney Skinny only for nudists?

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Not at all!  It's an event for every-BODY. Our Sydney Skinny community welcomes every size, shape and age.

We come together to celebrate all that is good in the world and our bodies for a day filled with utter joy and acceptance of ourselves and everybody else!

Do I have to be an ocean swimmer?

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Well, it is an ocean swim. You would at least need to be fit enough to swim 10 laps in a pool.

However, you can use swimming aids. 

We have water safety personnel every 60m to help if you get into trouble in the water.

Are there spectators on the beach during the event?

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No. The Sydney Skinny is a fully ticketed event that takes place on a secluded beach in the harbour. 

No spectators are allowed onto the beach during the event.

Sydney Skinny