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The Sydney Skinny is back to bare all for brain cancer

Established in 2013, the Sydney Skinny has been uniting the community in the fight against brain cancer for five years - over half its lifetime!

Charlie Teo Foundation’s CEO, Alana Phadke, is excited to take the skinny dip for a third time.

She plans to swim alongside courageous members of the brain cancer community including patients, families and loved ones together with founder Dr Charlie Teo.

Pictured below is Alana with Charlie Teo Foundation ambassador, Marcella Zemanek, after taking the skinny dip for the first time five years ago!
“Brain cancer kills more kids and young Australians than any other cancer.

It takes a huge amount of courage to endure treatment for brain cancer.

A few moments of discomfort in solidarity with incredibly brave patients and loved ones who experience discomfort and fear when faced with brain cancer… It’s a small price to show our community how much we care!”

Alana Phadke
CEO of the Charlie Teo Foundation

Three years after radio host Stan Zemanek sadly passed away from brain cancer, his wife Marcella Zemanek was diagnosed with breast cancer. Marcella is now 13 years cancer-free!

"I’m not sure Stan would ever imagine I would dare to skinny dip in beautiful Sydney Harbour where we used to go sailing.

To strip off and swim at 73 years old with other cancer survivors was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will never forget!!!

The only fear you'll have on the day is the fear of missing out if you don't take the dip.”

Marcella Zemanek
Brain Cancer Ambassador

Together we can BEAT brain cancer

Charlie Teo Foundation is on a global mission to beat brain cancer. 

Brain cancer research is significantly underfunded compared to other cancers, meaning survival rates have barely improved in about 40 years.

Research funders like the Charlie Teo Foundation are crucial to changing the future for brain cancer patients and families.

Extraordinary scientists need your support to do what they do best in their quest for a cure!

Charlie Teo Foundation has committed over $10 million to brain cancer research in Australia and globally. It has millions of dollars in new brain cancer research grants in the pipeline.

We must hold HOPE that we can cure brain cancer.
Charlie Teo

Charlie Teo Foundation is the charity beneficiary of funds raised by swim participants in the 2024 Sydney Skinny. 100% of fundraising proceeds goes to charity (less platform fees). Participants are authorised to fundraise under NSW fundraising licence CFN/24813. Participants can choose to fundraise or can swim without fundraising. Charlie Teo Foundation is not the event organiser or official partner of the 2024 Sydney Skinny.