We know you have soooo many questions.  We've tried to make it simple and answer them for you below!


Who is the beneficiary of the Sydney Skinny 2024 fundraising?

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In 2024 we are delighted to be fundraising for the Charlie Teo Foundation once again in the fight against brain cancer!

Do I have to fundraise?

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Only if you want to make a difference! 🙃

It will be encouraged - yes. We are a fundraising event. However, we get it’s tough out there - so just ask that you do your best!

100% of fundraising proceeds goes to charity (less platform fees). Participants are authorised to fundraise under NSW fundraising licence CFN/24813.


Why doesn't my entry fee go to the charity?

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The entry fee covers things like water safety, Maritime licenses, National Parks event fees, shuttle buses, event staff, insurances, sarongs, legal fees, website costs etc. etc. 

It's boring but it's true!


When do the registrations open?

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Registrations will open on 24 November 2023. Grab your friends and let's make 2024 a memorable year!

Can we book as a group?

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You most certainly can.  

All you have to do is make sure that your group is in the same wave.  If you struggle to find a wave with capacity, please email us.

If you would like to sponsor a wave and have it named specifically for you, please email us to discuss.


What is the Media wave?

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The media wave usually attracts a LOT of attention.  Media from most TV channels come to film segments for News, Breakfast TV and documentaries.

If you're a little shy or don't want your bare bottom on TV - DO NOT register for this wave!!

If you love attention - then join us for the media wave. It's a lot of fun.

What if I can't actually swim?

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The 300m swim has been introduced for those who don't feel they can do the 900m course.

This is an ocean swimming event. You must be competent to do the swim. But you can use swimming aids.

We will have water safety staff with boards that can allow you to rest if you need.

We want you and everyone else to enjoy the experience. 

Can I change my mind on the day and swim a different distance?

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Everyone in a wave will start together, no matter which swim distance they are doing. Those who are only swimming the 300m will turn at the first buoy while others will continue further out to the second buoy on the course.

You can change your mind along the way, if you have entered the 900m swim but decide you don’t feel up to it you are more than welcome to turn around and head back to the beach.

If you registered to swim the 300m but are feeling great on the day you are welcome to swim the full course.


Can I register to Volunteer?

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We are extremely excited to be back again in 2024!

We would love for you to help us at the 2024 event.  Please head on to the 'Volunteer' button at the top of the home page and register there.

Thank you!

Event Day

When do we get naked?

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The Sydney Skinny is not a nude event. 

Only the swim is nude. 

Our event team will guide you from the registration and festival area, down the scenic walkway to Cobblers Beach.

When your wave is called, you will get naked and run into the water. When you've finished your swim, you will be given the iconic sarong to cover up and commemorate your Skinny swim.

Are you a little shy or reluctant?

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We don’t want anyone to miss out on this joyful experience simply because they are a little shy.

If it helps, you can make your way into the water, slip out of your clothes / swim suit and one of our team will retrieve your clothes for you.

When you come out of the water, you're immediately covered in a sarong.

Do I have to walk around in the 'raz'?

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We get it - you’re still a little unsure about getting naked.

To get the most out of the experience we encourage you to take that leap outside of your comfort zone!

Nobody is going to gawk - we're all just enjoying the experience.

Will I be photographed?

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Not if you don't want to! We have strict rules in place to protect your privacy.

Media & photographers are only allowed on the beach for the media wave.

All Media and event photographers will be removed from the beach after the media wave.

We will have rangers or security on the beach and the path to ensure that nobody takes photos.

We will only use photographs of the beach / swim from media wave in our socials. No other swim pics will be used unless they are sent to us by members of the public wanting them to be used.

We have a strict permit for Cobblers Beach waterway. This means boats will be kept away from the swim area for the duration of the event.

Can I use swimming aids or a flotation device?

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If you can swim 1km without stopping but want the security of wearing flippers in the water, that’s fine with us.

You can even wear a set of floaties if you like, but all swimmers must be able to swim the distance without the need to stop.

How far is Spit Junction Cobblers Beach?

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Too far!

The total distance from The Spit Junction to the event site is 3.4km which could take up to 1hr to complete.


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