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I'm fundraising for brain cancer research in memory of my husband.

Please donate to my page as I'll be bearing all to beat brain cancer!

The Sydney Skinny is the world's happiest swim.  Established in 2013, we’re back in 2024 at Cobblers Beach, Mosman on 17 March to celebrate all that is good in the world.

Our charity beneficiary is the Charlie Teo Foundation. They are on a global mission to beat brain cancer. 

Brain cancer research is significantly underfunded compared to other cancers, meaning survival rates have barely improved in about 40 years. Brain cancer still kills more children and young Australians than any other cancer. This is simply devastating.

Research funders like the Charlie Teo Foundation are crucial to changing the future for brain cancer patients and families.

Please DONATE NOW and together we can offer HOPE to cure brain cancer!

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Love.fish Barangaroo


Katherine Griffin

I love you so much and am so proud of you!! ❤️


Kama Fletcher

I love you, my friend… Your commitment to honoring Justin’s memory while also healing yourself humbles and astounds me.


Debbie Lee

Wish I could be there to swim with you, and for Justin. I love you so much. So go swim with all your might and with all your amazing heart.


Elisa-marie Dumas


Elisa-marie Dumas



Go get ‘’me and post pics 😊


Michelle Lees

With love to you and in memory of Justin xx You're stronger than you know.


Nicole Kirkham

You are amazing x





Claire O'shannessy

Your unstoppable 🥰


Elisa-marie Dumas